Man’s World!

At Medi Well Care & Beauty Clinic we recommend to our male clients those treatment that have been carefully designed to contribute in the most effective way to the improvement of the appearance and life.

Our services and treatments:

Hair Removal

At Medi Well Care & Beauty Clinic, we offer the whole range of modern methods of hair growth elimination:

• Latest generation Laser hair removal with the
Alexandrite, GentleLASE system by the CANDELA house

• The innovative IPL Palomar Photoepilation system with
pulsed light.

Face Treatments

Acne scars treatment (Fractional). It is a skin regeneration and invasive reconstruction method that improves texture, smooths surface wrinkles and stretch marks and removes skin damages.

Lifting and tightening treatment for double chin and neck areas.

Thin, absorbable PDO threads are used to lift flaccid areas).

Eye Treatments

  • Fractional
  • Radio Frequencies
  • Hyaluronic. A treatment method for the sensitive area below the eyes, fighting fatigue (black circles and puffiness).  Hyaluronic Acid is a hydrophilic protein of the skin that naturally occurs in our bodies, providing hydration and thus supplying and maintaining our skin’s firmness and natural elasticity. Over time, the levels of hyaluronic in the skin are decreased and skin starts to face hydration issues. This therapeutic treatment achieves spectacular results.

Body Treatments

For fighting topical fat in areas such as the belly, love handles etc. which are the typical problem areas of the male body.

• Phosphatidylcholine Mesotherapy

• Cryolipolysis

• Cavitation

Stretch marks treatment 

Today 50% of men show thin lines on their skin – the typical unpleasant stretch marks that appear below the skin on various areas of the body.

At MEDI WELL Applied Aesthetic Science Clinic we treat stretch marks with the innovative method of Fractional Laser. Palomar Micro-Fractional laser is a non-surgical process that uses fractional laser light pulses to dissolve stretch lines and improve the appearance of your skin.

The only method approved by the American FDA.


Mesotherapy for hair loss – Alopecia This specific therapy provides a solution to scalp conditions and is an excellent choice for those who wish for shining, healthy and strong hair.


  • Stops hair loss
  • Activates hair growth
  • Improves hair quality

All men are NOT the same!

Visit us at Medi Well Care & Beauty Clinic to find out more about us and to allow us to get to you know better. Because all men… are not the same! Each one has his own particular needs. Our purpose is to discover with you your own specific needs, so that we can inform you about the services that would fit you personally.

Quality Assurance The highest quality… naturally!

At Medi Well Care & Beauty Clinic we use equipment, materials and preparations that abide by the highest international standards for safety and quality. There are Security Protocols in place for all our treatments.