Hair Removal Systems

Deal with hair regrowth once and for all

At MEDI WELL Applied Aesthetic Science Clinic we offer the full range of modern epilatory treatments. Specifically, we apply two advanced light-based technologies: last generation hair removal laser of the Laser Alexandrite system and the new innovative Photoepilation system IPL Palomar with pulsed light.

Laser Alexandrite Hair Removal Method

Cooling Systems

Thanks to the cooling mechanism of the Candela Laser Alexandrite system we can achieve the thermal destruction of the hair follicle without destroying the surrounding tissues.

The Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal is the method that can guarantee permanent epilation results. It is the preferred method of choice for aesthetic and dermatological purposes, especially in the following cases:

– Folliculitis (pimples) caused by epilation devices, waxing and shaving
– Presence of spider veins or irritations, to avoid permanent wounds
– Hypertrichosis or hirsutism due to hormonal imbalance

Application Sites

The effective Laser Alexandrite method offers quick, painless and permanent results and can be applied to areas of the face and the body, such as:

– Laser Hair Removal for the Face – upper lip, cheeks, chin, cheek bones, sideburns, eyebrows
– Laser Hair Removal for the Bikini
– Laser Hair Removal for the Arms – arms, forearms
– Laser Hair Removal for the Armpits
– Laser Hair Removal for the Legs – shins, thighs
– Laser Hair Removal for the Body – chest, waist, belly, glutes

Treatment Sessions

The medical specialist scans the area using the laser. The whole process only lasts a few minutes.

The average session number required with the Laser Alexandrite hair Removal method depends on the hair growth type and the body areas to be treated.

For permanent results, it varies from 5 to 6 sessions spaced 1 to 2 months apart, depending on the area.

Quality Assurance

At Medi Well we use the latest generation equipment in accordance with the highest international safety and quality standards.