Facial Aesthetic Treatments

The face is a mirror of the luminosity and sensuality of our being.

Our face reveals our life experience, the passing of time, repeated expressions, muscle contractions and sun exposure level, that gradually reduce complexion elasticity.

For all of these reasons, here at the MEDI WELL Applied Aesthetic Science Clinic we offer specialised face rejuvenation treatments to restore your natural glow.

– Deep cleansing facial

– Microcrystal dermabrasion for cell reconstruction and rejuvenation

– Special rejuvenation and hydration treatments with micromolecular serums

– Roller mesotherapy for hydration

– Roller mesotherapy for whitening

– Acne clearing and treatment

– Special eye treatment in combination with radio frequencies (FR)

Deep cleansing facial

From puberty onward every skin type requires deep cleansing sessions at regular intervals.

Deep cleansing is the basic foundation of every face treatment as it deeply cleanses the pores by removing pollutants and excess of sebum.

Air pollution, sweat, dust, make-up, sebum secretion are all factors that block the pores thus preventing the skin from breathing.

As a result, the complexion appears dull and develops damages, blackheads (comedos) and more serious conditions such as pustules and papules.
Following a deep cleansing facial our complexion is healthy, clean and glowing.

Besides, skin care products act better on clean skin.

That’s why it is essential that a deep cleansing facial precedes any special treatment (tightening, hydration, anti-ageing, whitening).

For dry skins 1-2 times per year, for regular and combination skins 2-3 times per year and at least 4 times per year for oily skin.