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MEDI WELL Applied Aesthetic Science Clinic by Dr. Elena Baltzaki softens the declining trajectory traced by time around the contour of our face, body and skin, through natural care treatments, beneficial beauty therapy sessions and alternative suggestions for healthy living.

MEDI WELL achieves optimal long-lasting results by activating the appropriate natural mechanisms for restoring and maintaining the skin’s youthful beauty, and by triggering inherent processes that revitalize the skin and endow it with natural-looking radiance and vigour.

MEDI WELL adheres to an anthropocentric ideal of holistic self-improvement, which is interwoven with the concept of beauty revival as well as with the quintessence of our inner and emotional life.

Interpersonal codes of deeper communication approaching human existence with sincere sensitivity constitute an essential prerequisite.

To this end, the specialised personnel of MEDI WELL brings out all that is hidden and beautiful inside us, taking under account first and foremost the individual needs of each personality that shape the expression of a uniquely distinct human presence.