Cavitation – Liposculpture System


Impeccable aesthetic result with special ultrasounds

Cavitation is the most drastic non-invasive method of topical fat removal offered by aesthetic medicine and it is applied by the use of special ultrasound energy. A treatment that offers visible results and implements non-surgical technique, scalpel-free, needle-free, without causing bruises or pain.
The application of cavitation can effectively dissolve fat by the use of focused potent ultrasound waves which cause the fat cells to vibrate resulting to their dissolution and ultimate elimination through urination.

Application Sites

Cavitation treatment causes the destruction of fat cells at areas with topical excess fat, such as the front and lateral belly areas, the glutes, arms, waist and belly.
Results vary depending on treatment area, tissue structure, age, metabolism, drug intake and hormonal changes.
Balanced diet and physical exercise greatly contribute to long-lasting results.

Treatment Sessions

The medical specialist recommends the appropriate individualised treatment protocol, carefully adjusted to your personal needs. After the session, a loss of 2-10 cm at the treated area is observed and a significantly increased loss takes place after each repetition.
To achieve desirable results, 4 to 10 sessions are usually recommended, depending on your lifestyle.
Following the completion of each session, you immediately resume your daily activities and a maintenance plan is recommended once the session cycle is completed.