Chemical Peeling Reconstruction Treatment

Dispense with the first signs of time passing

Chemical Peeling Face Reconstruction Treatment by Medi Well clinic significantly improves the outer layer of the skin and is ideal for treating areas with the following symptoms: thin lines and lines around the eyes, the neck, the decolletage and the hands, discolourations, acne marks and flaccid areas, blotches and spots caused by sun exposure.

Renewed, glowing and healthy skin.

A chemical solution is applied on the skin for exfoliation.
Usually the substances used are fruit acids, trichloroacetic acid and phenol.
The reconstructed outer layer of the skin is now smoother, healthier and glowing, free of lines and the skin tone is even.

Treatment Sessions

It is preferable to benefit from the Peeling therapy during the less sunny seasons.
The treatment process is fast, safe, painless and you can return to your daily activities right after the session.
Peeling is usually achieved 3-4 days after the treatment application.
Depending on individual needs, the recommended sessions vary from one to five.

Quality Assurance

At Medi Well we use materials and preparations that abide by the highest international safety and quality standards.