The essence of happiness

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Everyone seeks happiness, that inner feeling of satisfaction that fills our soul, that sense of good and favourable fortune. Immanuel Kant defines happiness as the satisfaction of all our inclinations, as much in extent, that is in multiplicity, as well as in intensity, that is in duration.

Happiness is inside us, it is experienced on the practical level and it can be developed. According to studies by the Missouri University, the parameters of happiness are the following: Self-awareness, Self-reliance, Optimism, Reward, Self-esteem, Sensuality, Decisiveness, Extroversion, Interpersonal Relationships, Positive Image, New Stimuli.

A new study claims that the key to happiness could be hard work.

Specifically, the effort to achieve goals in work gives us maximum satisfaction.

Good disposition and positive attitude towards life are our best medicines against the passing of time.

A research about people aged over a 100 years old from all around the world pinpointed three common traits: a) They had a challenging life (obligations, war, deprivations, trials), which forced them to perform at the maximum of their potential b) They had a sense of humour and c) They were optimists and experienced inner joy.

The keys to success are:
Social recognition, longevity and happiness.
After observing the lives of Nobel prize winners and of those nominated but never awarded, it was discovered that the life span of the winners was 7 years longer in average. Positive attitude from other people, as well as the acknowledgement of our contribution impacts our life and health in a positive way.

Happiness and success (empathy, risk-good communication)
A research among Cambridge University graduates with a scholarship showed that many years after their graduation (around 50) those who were successful and led a happy life were the average students, who took more risks in their lives, who cared for their fellow man, who could share responsibilities and communicate with their partners and co-workers, and not the straight-A students.

Determined focus on the goal:

The search for happiness demands a level of focus that will activate our will.

Every scientific research has demonstrated that our thoughts affect our body and overall health. Therefore, joyful and positive thoughts bring good health. “Happiness is when your thoughts, talk and actions are in harmony”