medi well club

mediwell club

Become a member of the MEDI WELL family and enjoy the benefits

Discount Medi Card member card

Discount MEDI CARD member card is provided after completion of the first session at the MEDI WELL Applied Aesthetic Science Center.
Its owner enjoys special privileges and discounts.
After completing six treatment sessions, and upon presenting the card, the card owner may choose among the following:
– 10% discount for a treatment of their choice.
– 30% discount for a treatment recommended by us.

Following each session, the MEDI CARD is updated with the details of the treatment applied and the date. At the same time, the client’s personal electronic record is updated with the relevant data, so that this information is stored securely in the event that the owner loses the card.

Offers apply only after the completion of six treatments entered in the MEDI CARD. If the owner received more than one treatments during a given visit, then they will access the offer sooner.

Come Together recommendation rewards

At MEDI WELL we feel particularly honoured when you recommend us to your loved ones, and we experience the satisfaction of moral acknowledgement of our work. In this spirit, we invented the Come Together recommendation reward program.

Based on the ideal of interpersonal communication, even when you recommend us to someone who is not a MEDI WELL member, you receive a discount of 10% on their chosen treatments.

Our special skin care Gift Card

GIFT CARD is created as a way to offer an incredible holiday season to your loved ones. Taking care of the health of our skin is the essence of renewal and beauty for both men and women. That’s exactly why our GIFT CARD is the ideal personal care gift.
Assign the desired amount to the GIFT CARD based on the card holder’s preferred treatment.