Positive psychology, positive feelings

joy mediwell

Scientists say that all sickness originates in our minds, that everything comes from above to below, and that everything around us is an opportunity to activate our will and find smart solutions to our problems. Our way of thinking is influenced by our education, our fears, our expectations, by everything that both consciously and unconsciously we have accepted as being real and that define the limits of our world.

No “positive” thinking can be creative and as a result, therapeutic, if it can’t transcend the fear of its limitations.

Positive thinking is free thinking. Free of prejudice, opinions, fear, fixed behaviour patterns. No man can be free if they are not their own master.

It is very important to resume responsibility and take action, because it is really worth it. We need to always keep in mind that we should do today what we can do tomorrow, and do now what we can do today.

Positive thinking detects the way to a solution and through this practical application of will we have the ability to find and activate our potential to the benefit of evolution and life itself. Speed of thought, faster than light, can convey what we haven’t yet realised and can influence our collective reality.

Positive thinking shapes the brain but does not originate in it. It is about an opening of the heart, about acceptance and love for everything that is, both “good” and “bad” because beyond those notions it can recognize the potential of transcendence and choice, the tearing down of limitations and the conscious participation to what is truly positive.

Positive thinking is about choosing to see the bright side of things, to chose to be happy. It is very important to constantly observe our thoughts and to try replacing negative with positive thinking.

Leshan writes that unhappiness is almost always a sign that there is a path not taken.

“A talent not cultivated, a self not acknowledged. A condition that needs to be changed. For many people, limitations, loss, sickness or pain have been proved to be their greatest teacher. The feeling of joy and fulfilment does not come when we go after happiness with predetermined mindsets and limitations, instead it comes when we have learned how to find meaning in life. Especially nowadays, we need to develop a positive way of thinking in order to be able to adjust to the current conditions or even benefit from them.

“Positive thinking is linked to the vital electricity of life. When thinking is positive, it attracts vital forces, but when thinking is negative these vital forces are scattered, they move away from the person and as a result illness occurs”. (PETER DEUNOV)

Steps of positive thinking 1. Effort: In this life, everyone receives what they are worth, but only successful people admit to that. Each one of us has to work in order to reap they personal happiness and success. 2. Teaching: Life is a great teacher who helps us set in motion our best potential – life is not an enemy. So, let’s learn from life’s difficulties and lets use them for our development and evolution. 3. Self-activation: In general, our attitude toward problems is to seek easy and fast solutions by turning to other people, something that often brings us to a dead end. We should know that the problem is ours and addressed to us so that we learn something and therefore we are the only ones who should find a solution and take action. 4. Reason: Solutions, in order to be logical and consistent, should come from above. We need to rise above the problem in order to find an answer.