Stretch Mark Elimination System

Stretch mark elimination, skin regeneration

Today the majority of women and 50% of men show thin lines on their skin – the typical unpleasant stretch marks that appear below the skin on various areas of the body.  Yet, even if, until recently, stretch marks were among the unfading signs of the passing of time, at this point they can be treated effectively and quickly.
At MEDI WELL Applied Aesthetic Science Clinic we treat stretch marks with the innovative method of Fractional Laser.

Thin beams penetrate selectively the skin’s surface. They target the exact area of the stretch marks with precision, forcing fibroblasts to produce collagen and thus activating skin regeneration over time.

No more white and red stretch marks

Laser Fractional Elimination method achieves new, healthy and firm skin.
The well-known unpleasant stretch marks begin as red-coloured marks and turn to white over time. Red marks signify a primary stage and chances of improvement reach 80-90%, while when they have turned white it is more difficult to treat them and more sessions will be required.

The method application is approved by the American FDA. It offers exceptional results, is extremely safe and painless, lasts 20 to 30 minutes, there is no need for local anaesthesia and the recovery time is minimal to none.

Quality Assurance

At Medi Well we use the latest generation Lasers in accordance with the highest international safety and quality standards.