Thread Lift Treatment


Face lift and skin tightening

The non-invasive thread lifting method by Medi Well clinic achieves optimal results by pushing and stabilising tissues at the desirable direction and position.

This revolutionary method of face lift with the use of Threads elevates flaccid areas that suffer from intense sagginess or volume loss.

It consists the only method of directional collagen production with visible lifting and skin tightening results.

The areas where the Thread method is applied are the forehead (brow lift), cheekbones, lateral borders of the mouth, jawline and neckline.

Treatment Sessions

Via the thread lift method the skin is elevated and hoisted to a new position by the use of bioabsorbable threads that are inserted below the epidermis. The results are visible immediately and are improved progressively over a period of three months following application.

The introduction of the threads is implemented without anaesthesia at the clinic.

Quality Assurance

In Medi Well we apply certified absorbable Threads that adhere to the highest international quality assurance standards.