The offer includes (8) sessions

RFradio frequencies

Tightening Treatment for face and neck . With RFradio frequencies, the fibroblasts produce more collagen, making the skin look younger, firmer and smooth for 2-3 months.

Face cleansing

Every type of skin needs a regular Deep cleansing after puberty.
Deep cleansing is the most basic face treatment, as skin pores deeply cleanse from the dirt and excessive sebum secretion.

Air pollution, sweat, dust, make-up, block the pores of the skin and prevent them from breathing.

So the skin looks dull and shows black spots and more severe ones such as blisters and blasts. After a deep face cleansing the skin is shiny, clean and healthy.

Besides, care products apply better on a clean skin.

For this reason, deep face cleansing is necessary before we can apply a specialized treatment (tightening, hydration, anti-aging, bleaching).

For dry skins 1-2 times a year, for normal and mixed skins 2-3 times a year and for oily skin at least 4 times a year.