The offer includes (4) Mesotherapy sessions & (8) Laser Smoothshapes sessions

It is a painless application, during which the natural functions of the skin are activated. The laser penetrates the tissues, causing the fat content to become liquefied, resulting in:

– leads to shrinkage of the adipocytes
– acts beneficial to collagen
– Provides tightening of loose skin
– Enables the walls more flexibly in the lip cells
– creates a pleasant warmth in the area without the skin being hot

The above results in point loss, tightening and polishing of the “orange peel”

Treatment of Cellulite with Mesotherapy

It is applied by micellar technique by infusing mainly herbal formulations – herbal extracts, in combination with selected pharmaceutical substances that facilitate the release of adipocytes.

Skin tightening.
Skin regeneration of problematic area.