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founder mediwell

Dr. Elena Baltzaki is a Medical School graduate of the University of Perugia.

She has been specialised in infectious diseases at the university hospital of Perugia and was further specialised in all Aesthetic Medicine methods, at the international center for Aesthetic Medicine of Rome, SCUOLA INTERNAZIONALE DI MEDICINA ESTHETICA.

Her PhD thesis on injectable implants (fillers) for the elimination of wrinkles was followed by her training in Rome, at the «FAΤTE BENE FRATELLI» hospital where she completed her education.

She is a member of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and the Italian Society of Mesotherapy.

An experienced professional, with significant international practice at many Aesthetic Medicine clinics in Italy and Greece. Today, Elena Baltzaki is the founder of the Medi Well clinic and head of the Applied Aesthetic Medicine department.